Organic Herbal Skin Balm 50ml

Product Description

Mountain Lotus’s natural organic Herbal Skin Balm is blended with an ancient mix of dried herbs infused into an organic Australian high nutrient olive oil mix to aid the skin. Our organic Australian Herbal Skin Balm is powerful yet gentle and it refreshes, purifies and deeply nourishes all types of skin, whether young or old, and is powerful and effective even on the most sensitive and problem skin.

Formulated with a powerful blend of Australian dried herbs and flowers, this organic Herbal Skin Balm is ideal to soothe, protect and assist in the healing of skin rashes, acne, cuts and abrasions, burns and dehydrated skin. Organic, ethically sourced calendula is an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredient, and ideal for treating dermatitis, skin rashes and general skin irritation. Organic, natural Australian lavender is a powerful ingredient which targets wrinkles, acne, psoriasis, eczema, abrasions and wounds, scars and stretch marks. Organic Australian chamomile is another deeply soothing and beneficial ingredient, and it is rich in anti-fungal properties, while high in antioxidants and acts to neutralise free radicals. This intensively moisturising and deeply nourishing herbal skincare product also contains dried organic Australian rose, with is full of vitamins and minerals essential to a glowing and plump complexion, and hydrating dry and cracked skin.

Made with organic Australian beeswax and vitamin E oil, Mountain Lotus herbal skincare is naturally preserved, ensuring all of our products remain preservative free, perfume free, cruelty free and chemical free. It is eco friendly, sustainably sourced and safe for use by the entire family, and for all skin types.

Ingredients: organic olive oil, organic dried calendula flowers, organic dried chamomile flowers, organic dried lavender flowers, organic dried rose flowers, beeswax, organic vitamin E oil, organic rose oil, organic lavender oil.

Directions: Apply to the skin when necessary. Suitable for daily use.


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