Organic Hemp Skin Balm

Product Description

Our organic Hemp Skin Balm is a deeply nourishing and powerful healing blend of premium organic hemp seed oil and organic olive oil. Hemp seed oil products protect and improve problem skin; our hemp skin balm is ideal for healing and intensively moisturising dry, cracked skin, treating and soothing skin rashes, healing and improving acne, and plumping tired and dehydrated skin. Hemp seed oil is a powerful ingredient which is rich in anti-aging qualities and is anti-inflammatory. It therapeutically assists in the healing of: eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, the appearance of varicose veins,  and dry, cracked skin. This Hemp Skin Balm is a powerful and convenient method of application, and is perfect for applying topically on any trouble or sensitive skin. Apply this hemp skincare balm to cuts, burns and abrasions and experience the powerful healing and protective properties of hemp seed oil.
In our powerful and deeply nourishing cruelty free, chemical free, perfume free and preservative free organic Australian Hemp Skin Balm, organic Australian hemp seed oil is infused with premium quality organic Australian calendula, chamomile, rose and lavender dried herbs and flowers.
Ingredients: organic hemp oil, organic olive oil, organic dried calendula flowers, organic dried chamomile flowers, organic dried lavender flowers, organic dried rose flowers, beeswax, organic vitamin E oil, organic rose oil, organic lavender oil.
Directions: Apply into the skin when necessary. Suitable for daily use.
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Price: AUD $15.00